Increasing efficiencies within the NZ Tax Department


At a Glance:

Need to ensure the secure and timely transfer of work-based savings initiative transaction messages between the client and savings imitative providers.

The Solution:

IntegrationWorks provided the client with a full suite of advisory, development and support services to ensure the success of the B2B integration project and to create a standards- based technology agnostic flow of information between their system and initiative providers.

The Value:

  • Reliable and timely delivery of over 4.2 million transactions per month.

  • Solid advice based on experience and expertise.

    The Challenge

    The client’s primary outcome is to improve the economic and social well-being of New Zealanders. It undertakes a full range of tax administration functions, and administers several social services including a long- term savings initiative. This is a work-based savings initiative involving employers, providers, New Zealanders and several government agencies.
    The work-based savings initiative required a new system to be
    built from the ground up. In addition, the client needed a high-performance message processing hub to ensure the secure and timely flow of messages between the client and the work-based savings initiative providers.

    IntegrationWorks’ Response

    Following rigorous selection process, the client selected IntegrationWorks a specialist information integration. Business, to design and implement a high-performance messaging hub to ensure the timely delivery of the work-based savings imitative messages between themselves and the client.

    IntegrationWorks build a messaging hub using middleware technologies to process up to 500,000 work-based savings initiative transaction messages daily and ensure the correct deliver of the messages to the right supplier.

IntegrationWorks’ Approach

IntegrationWorks provided the client with a full suite of advisory, development and support services to ensure the success of the savings initiatives B2B integration project:

  • Advice to implement a common messaging format based on internal site architecture and protocols.

  • Development using the Sun Java CAPS and B2B technologies.

  • Integration Works’ ongoing relationship with the core technology vendor, coupled with its

    integration expertise, was pivotal in the client’s decision to engage Integration Works.

  • The technology partnership ensures early access to new software and systems releases which

    enables Integration Works to present innovative options to challenging integration problems.

    The Solution

    IntegrationWorks enabled external B2B integration by exposing specific client systems and business processes to a group of authorised financial scheme providers via the internet. This enabled the client to provide additional services through external integration.

    IntegrationWorks provided a secure, reliable, standards-based technology-agnostic flow of information between scheme providers and the savings initiatives System.

    Secure data transmission was achieved using the Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) protocol leveraging Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This ensures nonrepudiation of receipt and non-repudiation of origin. Reliable data transmission was achieved by using a synchronous request-response message exchange protocol. This provides the ability to report on the successful delivery of individual messages through each part of the process.

    The savings initiatives B2B now uses the XML family of technologies and Java Message Service to achieve a standardised service-enabled solution.

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